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How To Protect Your Car During Summer

People within the temperate zone have to wait for the summer season nine months .This season is relatively shorter lasting for a period of about three months. However, the season is associated with long sunny days and very hot afternoons. The high temperatures and full global warming experienced during this period are too much for your vehicle.

Cars are usually used as the mode of transportation as well as protecting people from the sun’s brutal heat. Now you can imagine parking your car outside where there is the sweltering heat caused by the extreme temperatures. This heat gets trapped inside your car, and the temperatures can reach up to 80-120 degrees. This might even lead to a breakdown of the cars air conditioning system. These are some of the tips that can help to keep your vehicle cool in summer.

Parking the car in a shady place and utilizing your sunshade

You need to take the necessary precautions when choosing a parking spot. The best opsvbedveqgrtion is a more sheltered spot. This will make you enjoy the cool air when you get back to your car. Alternatively, you can place the sunshades in the rear and front windows if you cannot secure a shadier parking spot. You can open the windows slightly for natural ventilation to take place.

Installing a tint

You are advised to leave your windows tinted if you happen to live in a country that is warm. This will protect you from excessive heating as well as from prying eyes. However, you must follow the tinting regulations since some countries restrict it to certain percentages. For instance, in the US the maximum tinting allowed is 30 %.

Checking and changing the coolant

The coolant system is affected by the hot summer conditions. Overheating of the coolant causes it to break down. The coolant manufacturers recommend the car owners to flush their coolant after every two years from its reservoir. Mechanics also recommend the mixing of water and antifreeze in equal amounts. The process of checking and refurbishing of the coolant system should be done at the beginning of the summer season.

Changing the oil regularly

You are recommended to change your engine oil after every 3000-5000 miles. However, this needs to be done more often if you are in a country which has dirty oil, fuel, and filters. The oil volume should also be checked after every few weeks. Ensure that the engine can cool itself off before the oil level is checked.