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Things To Do At Oslob


Tired of the hustles, bustles, and noise of the city life? Or, just looking for a vacation alternative or something that’s exciting and completely different? Why not try Oslob Whale Shark Watching and enjoy the nature. Oslob is precisely situated in the south of Cebu Island, in the Republic of the Philippines.

Being located along the coast, Oslob is a beehive of activity for tourists. It is easily accessible from the national highway road running around Cebu island. Many of its visitors come from the Mactan Island airport and Cebu City. One of Oslob’s unique feature is its breathtaking Whale Shark Center. Here below are pertinent and detailed information of this wonder site.


msdkkiTo gets to the Whale Shark Center. One must do so from Cebu City or Mactan. Of course, Cebu city is linked to the rest of the world via airport and road network. From Cebu City or Mactan, there are several options to accessing the Oslob Whale Sharks. The first option is by boarding a local bus from Moalboal, Mactan or Cebu City. The buses are picked from the South Bus Terminal, but one must drop off along the way at the whale shark experience. The second option is using a taxi from Mactan or Cebu City that will take you straight to Oslob. This option is faster and more comfortable but expensive than the bus. The last option is by making an arrangement with a tour company either from the airport or hotel in Mactan or Cebu City. The site is also accessible from Dumaguete, but you will have to take a multi-cab headed to Sibulan Port, then use a boat to Cebu. From Cebu port, the shark center is enroute to Oslob.

Visiting hours

The whale shark center is open daily from 6 am – 12 pm. The’ace closes at noon to enable the whale sharks to have a rest and enjoy their natural habitat. There are no special considerations and once the place is closed all visiting activities are suspended until the following business day.

Visiting fees and other vital information

Entrance fee of 500php per head for locals and 1000php per head for foreigners is paid upfront. The fee is inclusive of a 30 minutes swim. There is a few minutes video that visitors are supposed to watch relating to the rules and guidelines of the center and interaction during the swimming. Life jackets are then issued before boarding the boats and off to the main activity.


Though a small town, Oslob is endowed with world-class premium hotels, cheap hotels, and beach resorts. The primary reason for this accommodation explosion being that it’s a major global tourist attraction with unrivaled reputation. One can always plan and book an accommodation earlier enough to avoid inconveniences.

Other exciting places to visit around Cebu

33naajudhCebu is endowed with several interesting places worth visiting. Remember, swimming and indulging with the whale sharks starts early in the morning until noon. This, there is an entire afternoon to tour other parts of Cebu. Spoil yourself by visiting the Tumalog Falls that’s only a stone throw away from the Oslob Whale Shark center. There are also great beaches to play, sun bask and build sand castles.

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ESTA application denial

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Invalid Passport

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