Tips on choosing the best scissors for hairstyling

In every activity that needs cutting, we always use scissors more than other tools. It is a help in different areas like hairdressing, handy craft making, tailoring, gardening, cooking, medical surgery and even just having simple things to cut. It is just a small tool, but it has a great help to make work easier. Scissors have different types too like fabric scissors, nonstick scissors, the heavy-duty, paper edge, detail scissors, fringe and the hairstyling scissors. Scissors come from various brands too with different qualities. It is also good to consider the name that gives quality to craft, like the Kasho scissors that recognizes the importance of screw system, blade and design of the scissors. In hairstyling, scissors is the primary tool in doing different haircutting job. It comes with the various criteria in choosing the best scissors;


Size of scissors

It depends on the person; others prefer to use the shorter than long. In checking what suit to you, try holding a scissor and find out which one is suited to your hand.

Types of blade

Bevelled Edge

It is a lightweight type of scissor made from metal and ideal for a slow detail cutting and dry hair. It has a design of micro serration on the other or both of the blade.

Convex Blades

It is the sharpest type of blade often called as the “Japanese style” that has a razor-like edge. It is solid stainless steel, it is more expensive than the beveled edge, and it requires professional in sharpening. One of an excellent example is in the Kasho scissors.


Types of handle

Crane handle

It refers to the even handle of the scissors. It is straight and symmetrical.

Offset handle

The handle is not even; the other one is longer in size that gives chances to open hand and elbows-arms are in lower position.

Even handle

The handle design is labeled and straight. There is also another type of handles like the flex and twister.


Ways to sharpen

Even how durable the scissor is, it needs to sharpen. Here are some tips to help you in sharpening your dull scissors without paying a penny to a professional to do the easy task: sharpen it with sandpaper, aluminum foil, other hard objects, and stone.

To make your scissors last, use a different pair of scissors in various activities to avoid an immediate dullness. Hope that this article would help you in choosing the best scissors in hairstyling.







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